Trail Map

*A – Wagon Trail – Beginner to Intermediate
*B – The Face – Intermediate to Advanced
*C – Rock and Roll – Intermediate
*D – Suicide – Advanced
*E – Bump Run – Intermediate to Advanced
 F – End Run – Beginner to Intermediate
*G – Main Trail – Beginner to Intermediate
 H – Main Lodge – Ticket Desk, Snack Bar,
Rental Shop, Ski Shop, Lounge
 I – National Ski Patrol- First Aid Building
 J – Hefti’s Hollow – Intermediate
 K – El Cid – Advanced Only
*L – Snow Tubing Park
* – Snowmaking – Night Skiing
We require you to familiarize yourself with the “Skier Responsibility Code” and the “Warning to Skiers.” If you are not willing to accept the risks of skiing, please do not ski at this area.